The Ancient Farming Site of Moray – Finn Steckart

Scientists believe that Moray was an ancient Incan agricultural research station that is 50 kilometers Northwest from Cusco. This place has rings that go down into the ground, kind of like an amphitheater that we saw in Greece. The biggest ring is 150 meters deep from top to bottom. That’s as big as one and a half American Football fields.

The Incas were smart. Scientists believe that they where trying to find out what crops would grow the best in different places in Peru, like in the mountains, the plains and near the ocean.   At the top of the rings it was colder and at the bottom was warmer. So they would put the crop that grew on the top of the ring, like on a mountain, and the ones in the bottom would be the crops that would grow by the ocean. The crops they grew at Moray were different kinds of potatoes and corn, quinoa, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and herbs for medicine that they needed.

A cool thing about Moray is that like the Greeks, they have aqueducts too, but at Moray, theirs are built underground. Even though there is a rainy season in Peru, the big hole will never get flooded. All over Peru, food was dried out in the cold and then stored in buildings like silos called Colcas.

The Incas lived in family groups called an Ayllu and everyone had a job to do.  The Incas where a good empire because they could feed all the people of Peru. Because of Moray, they knew where they could plant different food types. This is why the Incans had such a big empire. They would invite other tribes to join them by offering to share their food. The Incas where happy because everyone got food no matter what. This ended when the Spaniards invaded Peru. The Incan Empire only lasted a 100 years.