In Greece, it’s not unusual…

It’s not unusual to go to the grocery store every single day because it’s right around the corner.

It’s not unusual to purchase a folding table or ironing board and walk all the way home with it.

It’s not unusual that every store owner takes your 8 year old child’s head in both hands and kiss, kiss, kisses the top of her head.

It’s not unusual to ride the subway in the wrong direction. You have to do this at least once to figure it out.

It’s not unusual to wait days for a shower with hot water.

It’s not unusual to see live Squid and Octopus squirming in the seafood section of the local grocery store.

It’s not unusual to see your meat butchered on the counter while the carcass’s eyes stare back at you.

It’s not unusual for this blonde-haired blue-eyed family to be solicited by wandering Accordian players on every sub ride. “Hey, I gave you money yesterday.”

I’m sure we’ll add on to this list as the weeks go by.