About Our Traveling Family


On the West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand. Panakaiki Beach Camp.

This is the continual story of our family adventures abroad.  Jamie (dad) is the Head of a traveling boarding school that visits three countries a year.  If you’re interested in learning more about it go to this link: Think Global School.  Our first year with Think Global School brought us to New Zealand, Costa Rica and Greece.  This year we are traveling to Sweden, Bosnia and Italy.

It’s a pretty unusual lifestyle. We are constantly on the move bouncing around the globe.  I’m Angie (mom) and we have three children, Charlotte (13), Finn (11) and Piper (8). Because we move every three months, enrolling our children in any of the local schools is not really an option. At this point our kids are all too young to attend Think Global (a high school), so we are homeschooling our children using the world as our classroom.  Join us as we explore this big blue marble together.

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