Number Dos

Sit back and watch it happen. Why

are we having all these people

from shithole countries

come here.

Engagement could get ugly.


They tell lies to keep us quiet.

Twitter is a tool they use to skew

facts to blue or red but America

was built on immigrants.


They don’t teach us that in school.

We are taught not to question unless

asked to answer. We are taught

to only speak when spoken to.


These are surface problems though.

To dive deeper,  deeper than

a Syrian boy washed up

on a Turkish shore.


Europe finally wakes, realises

that there are 65.6 million refugees forcibly

displaced Unlike Odysseus, an Odyssey

they will not return from. Left behind

is the  ocean, as their cycle will be

one of endless relocation.


Meanwhile back in America…

The elephant in the room is– he

thinks we can drink oil or that

he can touch her

in ways without consent

She lets him control her,

and he does

He has her

under his fists

blocking out anyone who tries to save her

Or reach her


Someone needs to tell him– he

cannot control her borders or

block out the rest

of the world with his endless reign

of hurt. What did they do to you

to make you so cold?

They ask.


“It’s not you, it’s

me”,  she says.

But in reality, it’s

neither, it’s



& so she asks him, how

can we integrate

in a world of

different ethnic groups?

He stops, thinks

replies with a short–

We can’t.


The world has no say–

whether you can integrate or not

You have to decide


So I call you — you

the person in the corner

the person with guts to jump

off cliffs but not stand up

for yourself, you

who goes to class expecting-

the same person

To taunt you everyday

Just because you–

Are different


Across the seas and defy borders

She will welcome you with loving arms

And if he won’t I will

And if he refuses

Let him

He doesn’t deserve you

anyway, but you deserve to be

here, stay

Teach us how

To hope, to love, to


Number Uno

My privileged self loves sushi

I think about it whenever I am hungry

Left right, left right, sushi, sushi, sushi–  I

am hungry.


The selfishness unfolds around me today  

A stipend of 8 euros per meal

Won’t–pay for all of the sushi I could eat

2 rolls are 9 euros

That’s a euro over my budget


with sushi on my mind

I pass someone that is normally invisible

on the corner a glimpse of a pink dress

Brown hair hiding a small face


My friends and I stop

I am told talking would be uncomfortable

So I am silent, silent, silent.

Silence makes me guilty


I am too wrapped up in what I don’t have

a void I can not fill

We walk past the glimpse of pink


I could have said more

All I said was hi