The Two Faces of Peru

IMG_5482.jpgThere are two faces of Peru.

One face is the pretty face, the National Geographic Peru. The Instagram-Tumbler beautiful places Peru. The Sacred Valley farming Peru. The Machu Pichu Peru. The colorful weavings, the Peruvian women in their skirts, leg warmers, Bowler hats and braids Peru. The Llamas and Alpacas Peru.

This is the Peru I want to share daily on Instagram and Facebook because the beauty is so inviting. I want my family and friends to see what I see.  I am guilt.  I admit it.  Sometimes I find I edit what I post because it’s not so pretty.  Do people really want to see this?

Which brings me to…

The other face of Peru.

The impoverished Peru. The dry, arid Peru. The dusty, dirty, garbage-strewn Peru. The shanty-town Peru. The dirty faced children wearing sandals made from old tires Peru. The drying up lakes, the polluted rivers, the mined and deforested Peru.

But this is reality.  I will do my best to depict these two faces of Peru, pretty or not.



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