A Traditional Welcome from the Maori Community

We changed blogging platforms. FINALLY!!! Now we are on WordPress. Here is a long overdue post about he Maori Welcoming Weekend we attended way back in September.

Where Our Sun Sets

Way back in the beginning of September, my family was invited to take part (along with the Think Global students) in a traditional welcome from the local Maori Community.  This was a special welcome, much more intimate than a typical tourist would be exposed to.  The kids and I came early to New Zealand so we could take part in this very special weekend planned and hosted by students and adults at the Orakei Marae.  I’m so glad we were able to attend this event.  It was the perfect way to introduce us to the Maori people and their traditions.  Below I’ve included the Think Global School video that Lindsey Clark filmed during the weekend.  Please watch it because it is so informative.  In the video you’ll hear Fiona’s voice walking us through the introduction to the welcoming ceremony and explaining the meaning of each step.

You may see…

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